The U. S. Postal Service (USPS) employs over 773,000 workers in 300 job categories for positions at 39,000 post offices, branches, stations, and community post offices throughout the United States. Approximately 40,000 postal workers are hired each year to backfill for retirements, transfers, deaths and employees who choose to leave the Postal Service.

Vacancies are advertised internally by the USPS and not by the Office of Personnel Management. In 1971, the Postal Service became independent. Pay scales are determined by the Postal Pay Act and are not a part of the General Pay Schedule.

Pay starts at $25,554 per year for full time career employees at the PS-1-BB pay grade and increases to $55,275 at the PS-10-P top pay grade. The average pay and benefits for career bargaining unit employees was $57,051 per year, excluding corporate-wide expenses, in 2004. There are also Executive and Administrative Schedules for non-bargaining unit employees that range from $20,875 up to $98,514..

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